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Cavity silicone mould?

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  • Cavity silicone mould?

    Does anyone know how I can make this complex silicone cavity pour mould?..

    I need to make a pair of fake silicone breasts but want to make them bonded onto a swimming costume as an all-in-one costume at the same time.

    I sculpted the breasts shape in wet clay onto a mannequin torso and made a plaster mould of them from this. I sealed the mould with button polish & used wax as a release agent. I then brushed silicone mixed with some thickener and silicone pigment, into the mould. I dressed the mannequin in a swimming costume and then pushed the mannequin into the mould so that the breasts would bond to the garment. When the silicone had cured I poured expanding polyurethane soft foam into the cavity via some pouring spouts in the back of the mannequin.

    The problem is that brushing the silicone into the mould takes a long time and is very prone to error and patchiness, as some areas are too thin and this produces wrinkles when the breasts are demoulded. I have to make more of these costumes and need a more foolproof mould.

    I have thought about making a cavity mould for the silicone part of the breasts, but then I need them to be bonded to the costume and the whole process would require using two male mould parts to swap between – one for the silicone cavity and the second which would be the mannequin dressed in the costume. If I make a cavity mould for the silicone, I can't see how I can get the silicone to bond to the costume without adding yet another stage to the process which would be to brush an extra seam of silicone along the seam once the silicone has cured, and then putting the mannequin & costume into the mould to do the foam.

    I would be very grateful if any of you have any ideas or advice on how to solve my problem or improve my process! Cavity moulds confuse me at the best of times but I just can’t wrap my head around this one.

    Your help would be much appreciated!