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  • Sewing machine needles

    I usually use my sewing machine for sewing together two pieces of material but today I will need to sew together about 6 or 7 layers (folds for hemming etc). I assume that I will need a thicker needle - is this correct? Any other tips for sewing lots of layers?
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    Hi, I don't know much about sewing but what about a needle for denim + have you got a walking foot for your machine?

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      Your normal needle should be fine. You can get thicker needles for sewing leather etc, but if your using thinner fabrics just run it through as normal. (Just go a bit slower)

      I might be wrong?? But I think 75, 80 and 90 are the most common needle sizes. 90 being the best for thicker items. You can get denim ones to, but not sure what size they are?
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        One thing to watch is that the needle is clean. (use a drop of acetone or nail polish remover) also make sure that the feed plate is dust free.
        Don't sew fast and make sure your top and bottom threads are the same and of good quality.
        try a sample out first as you may need to alter your tension.
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