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Colour Problem in Melt & Pour

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  • Colour Problem in Melt & Pour

    I have been making some halloween soap bars for my daughters halloween party using life of the party melt and pour white base. When I added the orange colourant it turned a deep peach colour lovely..when cooled I shrink wrapped them and when I returned to show my friends them yeasterday, I got them out of the cupboard the the soap had changed to a mucky brown colour, why is this please as I have had to throw 10 bars away. Please help guys...

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    No doubt an expert will be along shortly to answer, but I know that certain colours are better for opaque soap and other ones for transparent soap.
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      When using white melt and pour you often find you cannot get the desired colour coz it is white to start off with and usually needs extra colour. You will probably find that clear base would have been better to get the colour. In the past I have had the same problem with the colour changing, sometimes the FO or EO change the colour of the soap. I did some lovely blue bubblegum soaps in the past and they ended up a yucky green colour. In the past I have generally left the soaps to "air out" for a few days before putting cellophane on - not saying that this is why it has happened but could have contributed to it. I know how frustrating it is to throw soaps away.

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