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  • how do I do this?

    I have just bought a polystyrene head. How can I paint it to look like a fairy head? I am buying a blonge wig and a brown wig.

    Would really like to know how I can make the ears pointy and what paint to use for the face and features - can I just use make up?

    Please help...

    Mandy x

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    Not sure about how to do the ears, but you will need to be careful with the paint as solvent-based ones will dissolve the polystyrene! Make-up probably won't cover up the texture.
    Try a good-quality crafter's acrylic paint, e.g. DecoArt or Tulip dimensional paint. They're water-based but thick and give good coverage, but you'll probably need to go over it a couple of times anyway as the paint may "crawl" since the polystyrene is water-resistant. So try a light layer first for a base coat, then a second layer, then add the features.
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      I am making heads to hold wigs that I am also attempting to make - long story. Anyway, I made my heads from a balloon and paper mache (see pic). They don't have ears but I made the nose from a piece of card and then paper-mached newspaper over the top. I think if you used cardboard to cut out pointy ears it should work. Then cover with some tissue paper and PVA to make it smooth and look like part of the head. Good quality acrylic will work fine on styrofoam. If you give the foam an undercoat of gesso first it may look smoother.
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