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    i have seen on tv crafters using little sanding block type things and little sponges for puttng inks onto the edges of paper. does anyone know the exact names for them and where i can get them?

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    You can get a really nice little sander that is by Tim Holtz -just google it and you will find it. The sponges you are talking about are called cut and dry foam. I think this is made by Ranger or Inksentials - not sure. You can buy it at Hobbycraft or from most on line craft retailers.
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      Yep, cut and dry foam, you can get them in A4ish size sheets for around £4.Im sure you can also get them in packets of pre cut rectangles.

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        thanks very much ladies


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          An emery board (one of the block type) works well for sanding too. You can also get daubers with rounded ends for blending ordinary inks.


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            The name of the tool that Ranger (Inkssentials is a brand from within the Ranger group) has with the sponges on the bottom is called an Ink Blending Tool - it comes with 2 sponges but you can get replacements packs (these are the precut rectangles you refer to, Seahorse). The tool also works with alcohol ink applicator felts.

            In addition to the Sheets of Cut n Dry Foam (this is the same material as the sponge from the Ink Blending Tool), there's also Cut n Dry Felt for use with dye based inks.

            Tsukineko also do a range of daubers, dabbers and sweepers which all have foam endings but in different shapes. Hope this helps!
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              I use an emery board and make up sponges Lot cheaper than the 'made for crafting' things