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Help! Ruined my iron with bondaweb!

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  • Help! Ruined my iron with bondaweb!

    Hi there,

    I was ironing a project and didn't realise the material I was using had remnants of bondaweb on it!

    It's a real mess and I've tried everything...

    bicarbonate of soda and baking power
    white spirit
    and a special iron cleaning stick from Robert Dyas

    Any suggestions before I give in and buy a new one?

    Lucy Elizabeth

    PS: the really anoying thing is that I have an old iron for projects of this nature but of course I thought I was just ironing plain cotton, arrghhhhh!

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    I have a stick that cleans irons, available from most haberdashery departments, brilliant a bit smelly but wipe over the iron plate when hot, wipe off with a clean cloth. Found this link on ebay, would not be without mine


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      Can it be chipped off?

      I ruined my mums iron the other month on a craft project, the guilt was so much I had to buy her a new one.

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        Oh dear, I have that 'ruined the iron' t-shirt too.

        My suggestion would have been to buy a cheap one from Tesco for craft use (thats what I do) but see you already did that with a spare. Wish I knew the answer as mine is a bit ucky too now, and I keep trying to clean it. think I better go look at Caroline's ebay link, thank you.

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          hmm, I've had loads of bondaweb stuff, and sticky interfacing gunk on my iron, and whilst the ion was on, I used a scrubby washing sponge (wet) and sponged it off. Worked fine!
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