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  • Internet Shop Vs Real Shop

    Hi all,
    In my local area there is a great craft shop, selling a good selection of products but not everything. So for the items I can't find I turn to the internet which is great and in the end I can always find what I want (sometimes it can take some time but at least I can get it in the end). My craft shop has mentioned that they may be shutting down and this would mean that I would need to look at the internet for all my items which could work out cheaper but you can't just get the last min items that you forget or run out of.

    I was just wondering why so many people had turn to the internet to source their products resulting in shops closing or generally what influences people when they are buying products.

    What do you find better interet or local shop and why?

    I look forward to hearing people's views and opinions!

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    I saw this and thought, Market Research. I looked at your profile and saw -
    Biography: Looking for people to help with research and offer help and advice


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      Crafts shops are good as you can see and feel what your buying but the down side is that there normally the full RRP.

      Internet shops are generally much cheaper. Can't speak for all internet shops but i post mine out on the same day the orders received (providing it's before 4pm) so they are recieved the next day so theres minimal waiting for your goodies to arrive.

      I would love to own a craft shop but with all the overheads my prices would shoot up so i wouldn't beable to offer my customers value for money, so it's not an option for me.
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        I am currently studying the effects of the internet and how it impacts our lives, as I keen crafter I thought I would do my research on something that I enjoy. Just a poor student not market research


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          OK. The reason you were treated as suspect is that you came straight in with questions. It's normal to introduce yourself, tell us what you're into, show a bit of your work, and read the rules about posting URLs. Standard forum etiquette really.


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            I am sorry, just trying to do a little bit more research and this is the best place I have found where people actually use the site and offer help. Its a great place and as a keen crafter as well as a poor student I will be using the site long after my course is complete.


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              I buy all my supplies through the inernet for a few reasons. The first is that there just isn't anywhere locally that sells mosaics supplies. The second is that I find the internet convenient, as with working full time by the time I finis the shops are closed, whereas I can go online and order it in the evening, to arrive in a few days time. The third reason does come down to cost - I have to be very aware of cost if I want to make this work and the internet proves to be the cheapest. Hope this helps.
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                Originally posted by Morgan View Post
                I am sorry, just trying to do a little bit more research and this is the best place I have found where people actually use the site and offer help. Its a great place and as a keen crafter as well as a poor student I will be using the site long after my course is complete.
                No probs. I'm only here to frighten people - mistakes are allowed!


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                  I would love to be able to get my materials from more local suppliers to save on extra costs such as shipping! My raw materials are very heavy and can be expensive to get shipped to me. I do love internet shopping for it's speed and time saving though. Being able to order something and have it within 24-48 hours can be a life saver at times!

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                    The local art shop near me closed last year due to high rent increases. Its difficult when youre a shop that needs to stock a wide range of items that not everyone buys - and with us crafters, we like a good selection!!! I think online stores are great. Everything you need - delivered in a couple of days most of the time. Having the choice of both stores in high streets and online, however, is the best thing!
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                      In Internet it is possible to find cheaper things with the same quality. In offline shop item's price include payment for renting shop, salary for sellers, distributors, etc. In Internet often you find sites of manufactures, while to keep online business often much cheaper than offline one, it affect on price of items, of course.
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                        Internet is taking over and is the way to go


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                          thats only because its quick and easy from the comfort of your own home


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                            I agree with EMEvans, sometimes you just have to see and feel something before you can definitely commit to buying but the costs involved in leasing retail space make it impossible to keep prices down.

                            I have an arrangement with some local craft groups and teachers where I take relevant products to their group. Listening to their feedback is great and it also helps to develop a relationship with them in a way you can't over the internet. That said, most of my sales are internet ones!
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                              The internet is definitely the cheaper option, but for some crafts it can be better to actually see what you are buying...on more than one occasion I've had beads arrive that are nothing like I thought they were and I've had to re-think the piece I was planning on making!