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help with versamark watermark ink pad

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  • help with versamark watermark ink pad

    :roll: :?: hello, i have been cardmaking for about 6 months now and have just brought a versamark watermark ink pad - i recently saw on tv that you could use this and put glitter on it to embelish - i have tried this but the glitter is coming off - i have left it to dry overnight and all day today and it just wipes off -

    what am i doing wrong? any help would be appreciated


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    Hi there...
    alas I just joined this forum and saw your question.
    Well....I don't think that glitter itself would work on versamark.
    Waht you could try is either some Mica powders such as PearlEx or
    some glitter embossing powders.
    PearlEx works absolutely fine and should you wish to use some glitter embossing powder, it will sparke once embossed.
    Hope this could help you.
    Keep on crafting


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      Thats the trouble.i can see myself spending a fortune on trying out different inks to see which get the best results.
      In places like Hobbycraft, they have leaflets which show you the best inks to use for differnt things.
      If i had it here Id give some notes.If I remember Il post after lunch.

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        Leaflet says-

        Dye based pads-come in transparent colors, dry very quickly so NOT good for embossing.
        Pigment ink-Dries slowly but dont use on shiny surfaces, perfect for embossing.
        Embossing pads-dry slowly, pale colours which usually cant be seen after embossing.

        Embossing works well on paper and card, some detail may be lost so use bold designs.
        Glitter and hologram effect powders work best on dark backgrounds

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          To be depends on what you want to achive.
          When I started stamping, all I had was a black pigment inkpad and a versamark pad,some gold,silver and clear embossing powder as well as a few PearlEx colours.
          I just stamped and embossed on different materials until I was reasonably comfortable and then extended the range in terms of pads and powders....
          Keep on crafting