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Have A New WEBSITE for crafters. have sold 21 in the last 2

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  • Have A New WEBSITE for crafters. have sold 21 in the last 2

    Hi everyone.

    The URL to that site is

    Please see post to Kayleigh to get a better idea of the product.

    Have a good day everyone,

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    just to say that I tried the link and it didnt work, even when copying and pasting into address bar. This could just be my computer though. But did try to have a look at it.


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      Hi Kayleigh, how are you today? How's everything where you're at? ( where are you ?)

      I spoke with a few marketers and they stated that since I couldn't show a picture of my product I should explain that if I do show a picture anyone most probably would be able to make one by looking. ( You know people that make hand-crafted items can usually make something just by looking at it ) So, they suggested that I offer it as a Secret Gadget but to include a guarantee so that if people really didn't believe they could make money making and selling them they could get a refund. but, if they are into this sort of thing ( crafting ) I don't believe they would request a refund. These things sell like hot cakes! These things cost about $1.00 to make and sell for $7.50 and they only take 30 min to make. Anyway... that URL is...

      Have a good day, Patricia