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    Hi everyone,

    I volunteer at my daughters school one afternoon per week and have been thinking about starting a Craft Club. It's all in the planning stage and I need to put it all together before I approach the head with it. I'm hoping to 'go live' for the new school year in September.

    I've got quite a few ideas in mind that I would like to do with the children, but I was wondering if anyone else had any others that would be suitable. The activities need to be very cheap to do as I'm sure we would not be able to make more than a nominal charge to parents and whilst I volunteer my time, I do not want to be out of pocket with expenses. I've spent the afternoon looking through various web sites, but to be honest what I'm coming up with isn't very good on the net.

    Ideas that I have already : -

    Pottery Painting (of course!)
    Clay Work
    Small scrapbook that they make from scratch and personalise
    Glass painting

    What crafty activities do you do with your children?
    What did you enjoy making at school?

    All ideas / suggestions gratefully received.


    You don't need talent to be artistic you just need patience!

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    Have you got a scrap store near you?

    Check out :

    This is my local one's website - might have some ideas on there?
    Blog Website Flickr


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      pebble pets are always a winner
      loo roll animals with concertina ed paper legs
      resist painting - colour paper with wax crayons, paint over in black and then scratch picture
      junk modelling on a theme - make an alien, a means of transport etc
      scene in a (shoe)box - space, beach, under the sea etc
      servietting on plant pots
      "snow domes" with glitter and jam jars

      used to do kids craft sessions at a local community centre in the hols and am a Guider!!


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        What age are you crafting with? infants or primary?

        Have a look here for some inspriation.....
        .... great website for under 5's/foundation stage activities. - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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          Sock puppets are jolly - we make them with the Reception/y1/y2 children at my son's school. Sorry I still can't post links, but there are useful websites at Legends and Lore inc. and Swazzle


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            Thanks for all your replies, it's greatly appreciated. I will have a look at the links that have been provided and see what I can find.

            You don't need talent to be artistic you just need patience!