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  • Sizzix football kits

    A while back I found a super site for Football kits. You could choose your football team and then print off a top with the logo to fit a sizzix doll. I had a computer problem and lost everything on it (warning always save everything to a disk!!!!!) Now I have spent 2 evenings searching the web and can't find it. Has anyone else found this site and know where it is please? My little nephew loves Liverpool and I really want to make him a really special birthday card.

    Thanks for any help

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    I know what you mean as I saw some of the kits for sale on ebay a fair while ago and wondered how they'd done it!

    If I'm wanting logos (I do a Wiggles topper amongst others) I just find the website (google what you are looking for) then save the logo (usually a jif or gif or tif format) onto your computer. Then I copy the logo onto a word document and resize to my required size and then print! I then cut out the shape.

    It doesn't work for everything as you have to be careful over the size of the logo etc but its better than nowt!

    Hope this helps!!

    PS I'll have a search and will let you know if I find anything (well, I was in work at 7:40am and the work is piling up, but crafting comes first!!)


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      Thanks for such a quick reply. I will have a go at doing this.

      Will I make you very upset if I say that at 8.53 I am still in bed as I am on holiday from work!!!! I am getting up soon to finish some cards started yesterday - honestly!!!


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        You make me green with envy!
        However, at 9:43am and I've been in work for 2 hours and not done any work yet! Haaaaaa!!!

        I'm still searching for you, not found anything yet but have found some really good card templates which are free!

        Friday is turning out to be quite good!

        Let me know how you get on with your quest! I actually thought after I'd posted the reply that if you are really good (and patient) you could cut the template with the logo already on your card so it doesn't look like you've cut the logo out and stuck it on after. I presume you have the dies?


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          If you still need this I have the link..
          can only send by PM as I've not yet got 25 posts!!


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            Pm'd you for the link also


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              I have enough posts to post link now so here you go :

     <--- footballers

     <--- other characters


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                Looked okay.
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