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Decoupage using serviettes

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  • Decoupage using serviettes


    Well it's my very first project ever so İ am very excited. İ have painted a wooden table and chairs with an eggshell white and am planning to decoupage just the outside perimeter and the backs of the chairs. İ have found some gorgeous serviettes and before İ make a bodge-up of this wondered if anyone can advise me?

    Firstly should İ prime the decoupage area with matt emulsion?

    The designs İ am using are on a white background. As it will be a tissue do you think it is necessary to cut out each design or would the white area surrounding it merge into the background? Hope that makes sense!

    İ have bought PVA glue to stick on my designs and wondered if just one coat over the top is normal or should İ do a few before moving on to varnish?

    Should İ dilute the glue a little or would it dissolve my tissue if it's too thin?

    Does it matter if you use matt or shiny varnish as long as it's clear?

    Your help and comments would be much appreciated. My husband thinks İ am having a second childhood

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    My main concern is that the serviettes will rip when put on any kind of liquid, even pva glue.

    I reckon if yuo place the chairs so the area yuo want to stick them to is flat,brush on a layer of pva, then place the serviette down on it and pat gently, make sure youve positioned it exactly as I dont think it will peel off easily.
    Hopefully the pva will soak through and when its dry it should be waterproof and smooth and ok to varnish on.
    No idea about how many coats tho.

    I found varnishing onto an area that has been pva's can effect the outcome, mine had some splodges of brown on it so best to experiment first.

    I like your idea of using serviettes, there are some beautiful ones around!

    Maybe your husband is jealous.Being creative is fun!!

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      Thanks for that.

      Maybe İ should experiment on an old vase first then. İ got the idea of using serviettes when my husband pinched one when we were having a coffee at a local craft shop (to blow his nose!!) and İ noticed the pretty butterflies on the serviettes were decorating some of her creations. İt inspired me to find out about the craft and try it.

      İ will post a photo of her shop in Turkey - it is so beautiful and if you love crafts you could spend all day there (even just 'borrowing' ideas). İ suppose İ could ask the owner's advice but my Turkish is not up to the task.


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        PVA may turnyellow after time.
        some tips
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          Blowing his nose on something beautiful!!!!Typical man,hehe.

          Always best to experiment first.Good luck

          Show us piccies when its done.

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            Thanks for your comments/advice. Will experiment with the PVA as İ have no idea where İ could get posh glue from round these parts


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              OOh i'm looking forward to seeing how it turned out i saw someone had done some decopuage on a blog i read (how i ever get anything done i don't know!!!) and i am really quite interested in the effect!!
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                Desperate for advise with servietts

                I love the idea of decorating papier mache boxes with servietts. I bought them, as well as glue/varnish and I read and watch almost everything about decoupage. Then I started with first box - cut out the design and glued it. When it got wet there were many creases and air bubbles. I managed to get rid of them but when I put second coat it was the same and this time it didn't look nice - creases and some dark patches. The surface is not smooth although I used soft brush and towel. I used many types of glue/varnish including Royal Coat and paper varnish. I thought after first coat it would be easier to put second one. I tried to wait until the glue is dry but still there were lots of creases. What I'm doing wrong? With normal paper I don't have such problem but I like servietts. Could someone experienced give some tips?

                Greetings to all


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                  I'm having the same problem.


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                    I've just found this forum and I can see it is all about the things I love to make. It's 'just' four years later but ... if you have any questions regarding decoupage I'll be more than happy to help
                    I'm looking forward to have a chat with you.
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                      Hi, the original post was 2007!.. Never mind, how about a visit to "Introduce yourself" so we can all welcome you?