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Party Plan....... any ideas?

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  • Party Plan....... any ideas?

    I have started to sell my designs by party plan, but, after running out of family and friends, hairdressers, local ladies nights etc. I am finding it difficult to get new parties booked. Advertising in local papers is too expensive, tried putting flyers around shops offices etc. I have also tried local shows but have just spent all day today hearing people say oh they are lovely but haven't brought any money ! this is the problem when people have to pay to go into a show, they don't really want to spend money when they are in there.(people have been picking up my flyers which is good )
    Local Free entry festivals do seem better.
    But at least with a party you know that you have a captured audience and that they expect to spend money.
    Has anyone got any ideas on how to actually capture these captured audiences?

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    I've done party plan in the past (not craft related), and found it extremely difficult to get the word out to people. I've found that advertising in the local papers doesn't work unless you're prepared to pay for a full page advertisement, and even then you're not guaranteed anything in return. I spent hours out leafleting through letter boxes to no avail.

    The one thing that I found did work was to offer something for nothing. I contacted a local nursery school and asked them if they would hold an event for parents if I gave them a % of sales. For each party booked from that evening, I offered a free gift, something small that didn't cost me a lot of money, but looked nice (to get this though, they had to have at least 1 person booking a party at theirs). From there it seemed to spiral onwards.

    Good luck with it.

    You don't need talent to be artistic you just need patience!


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      Thanks for the reply.
      I will give that a go.
      I have got a ladies evening to go to on friday, perhaps I can try it there, and could also send letters to our local nurserys and schools, it is worth a try.
      I have spent all of today at my local museum, not a museum as most people know them to be, but a nice place to let the kids go running around the woods and lakes, and find out about local ways of life, mining, woods and poaching !!!! They have developed it as a learning place for young and old, today was May pole day, one of the theme days they run, they are only just starting this and are not yet getting their advertising right,but I have found that the people that got are not that keen on spending money !!
      BUT..... one plus came out of today, an interest in my work by the museum to include me in a local paper on local crafts that they are running, so I will make sure I mention book a party and free gift quite often !!!!


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        Sounds like a good plan to me ... good luck with it, let me know how you get on.

        All the best,

        You don't need talent to be artistic you just need patience!


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          When party planning, you want to have a healthy mix of people that will be able to enjoy each others company without starting drama. Therefore think your guest list out thoroughly.
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