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  • Cardboard ?

    I moved just under 1 month ago and had to buy all the furniture and stuff for a house as we'd left a full furnished flat (inc's plates and beding etc..) to and unfurnished house bar kitchen..

    So I now have a garden shed lol.. But its full to the roof with cardboard from the furniture and other items for the house..

    So what could I make with it ?

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    Do you have children? Cardboard boxes make fantastic houses for them to climb in and out of, and tunnels to explore.

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      Ooooh - I've seen a table or something made out of cardboard - I'll try and find it for you. I think it was in a book but I'll see if I can find a link to it.

      This isn't the one I saw but here's a link
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        A cardboard garden shed?


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          If you don't want to use the stuff why not try Freecycle and see if anybody else wants it!

          I have no ideas what you could make out of cardboard apart from boxes - that's it you could make smaller boxes out of the big boxes for putting your goodies in.



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            Originally posted by peter View Post
            A cardboard garden shed?
            You beat me to it!

            How about you use the cardboard to make an extension to your new home and rent it out, therefore being green and earning yourself some extra money.


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              Ours went in the recycling bin... Maybe you could have furnished your house with it!
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                Isnt it used for undercarpet insulation.


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                  Really cool chairs

                  I saw a program once about a designer making furniture out of cardboard. the corrigated stuff, by glueing layers and layers of it together, after cutting out say a chair shape out of it?
                  or you could make a square footstool ? or small tablely thing??
                  it does sound like a load of work tho!!
                  there are some gorgeous ones on
                  Not sure if you can spill stuff on them!!
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