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Sewing Machine advice - PLEASE HELP!

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  • Sewing Machine advice - PLEASE HELP!


    Im new here so I hope its ok to do things this way.

    Im having problems with my sewing machine - Its an E&R Classic and was brand new at Xmas. All of a sudden its started producing uneven stitches and they are really causing me problems. I think its the bottom thread thats causing the problems by Im not sure, one of the threads is just sitting there and not being pulled through the fabric. Ive tried messing about with the tension but it doesnt seem to have made any difference.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Hmm, id have said tension too.
    I seem to think there is a screw at the top of the machine(in line with the needle) that adjust the height of the needle, maybe that has somehow changed.
    Is the cotton running freely or is it caught on itself somehow?

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      hiya maybe problem with the bobbin casing

      I had a similar problem, i cleaned out all the bobbin casing and that seemed to make a difference.
      My machine also jammed and I thought it was the tension, it just wasn't picking up the bobbin thread but when i took it in they said the bobbin case had been slightly scratched and it was no longer smooth. they advised me to sand it alittle and it worked!!
      the bobbin case was removeable and made from plastic?
      hope this helps, its so distressing when you want to sew and can't
      good luck
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        Yeah i agree with Liz, i had a similar problem and it was definately the bobbin that was too blame pesky little chaps!!
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          sometimes it can be something you just hav'nt noticed so when mine goes wrong(i have several industrial and domestic, daytime job lol) i go through a checklist, make sure the bobbin is wound on properly, re thread the machine, change the needle(sometimes they get damaged, a slight nick on the tip can cause no end of problems), clean it all out, it could just be a bit of fluff somewhere.

          hope you manage to sort it out
          Lorna x

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            Bobbin Case

            I have a Brother machine which occasionally throws the odd wobbly stitch. The first time it did it, I took it into our sewing machine technician, and wasted a whole day......

            He told me to open the bobbin compartment, the way you would if you were putting in a bobbin, and on the bobbin casing (it's usually black) there's a tiny screw.....undo this tiny screw a quarter turn. Thread your machine and test the stitching. If it's still putting out the odd wobbley stitch repeat the process.

            Apparently, with use, these little screws can become too tight, which slows the feed of the bobbin thread and causes uneven stitches.

            The other thing is, might your machine need a new needle? Blunt needles can cause lots of glitches.

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              Thank you!!

              I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that replied.

              I found this forum by chance and registered without ever thinking that anyone would actually help me.

              Im going to try the things you have suggested and hopefully all will be well again soon!

              Thanks again for taking the time to help me out - its lovely to find so many nice people willing to share their expertise!

              Sadie xxxx


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                If the loops are on top of your fabric then it's the spool tension, if the loops are underneath then it's the top tension. Make sure you haven't hit the embroidery button by mistake which will disengage the teeth and all hell breaks loose.

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