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  • Screen Printing Help

    I was wondering whether anyone knew a good website for screen printing supplies, and advice on how to do it?
    Also is there a way to make the print wash proof?
    I'd be greatful for any help or advice, I'm just trying to work out if its worth a try?
    Thank you
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    I can remember doing that at school.
    I know we had special paints which had to be mixed with another white type paint, dont know what it did, maybe made it washproof and bend with the fabric.

    Some things youl need are a solid flat table, alot of paper,sheets to protect it form paint.
    The printing frame, and something to clip them to the table so it doesnt move, a rubber edged oblong thing to squeeze the paint along the frame.

    Sorry, dont know where you get the bits from but it was a nice trip down memory lane.

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      All the Screen Print Help You Need

      I think you are going to need to purchase some pigment inks that are meant for textile printing. If you want to use arcylic paint then you need an additive to make it adhere to the fabric but you can buy that at your local craft store likely. It's called 'Fabric Painting Medium'.
      If you want to be able to wash your new prints you will have to heat cure them.
      I have a blog and it's dedicated to free tutorials for screen printing and other DIY silkscreen projects. Check it out. I think it will answer all of your questions.
      Good luck and happy printing!
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        Help with Screen Printing


        i studied illustration and printmaking and screen printing was always a favourite of mine. if you have a printing studio or art school near you can ask to use their facilities, normally there are classes and weekends that you can take part in tutorials.

        i wouldn't know where to get the items from but if you shop around i'm sure you'll find some. i would imagine the most expensive thing will be your screen (be very careful not to rip or tear it and be sure and clean it thoroughly).

        You can use textile paints to fix your images to your fabric and the inks are fairly strong in colour. be sure to wash on a very low heat and handwash inside out if possible.

        the screenprinting process is loads of fun and you have a great time, just be sure not to let your ink dry into your screen! ^_^

        I would love to hear how you get on when you start the ball rolling! Good luck!
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