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  • Labels and business cards

    Hi, can any one help I need labels with business name on to sew on my iteams and business cards I was going to design these myself but not having much luck can't just get them right. Oh and I need them pretty quick too. Jo

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    I get my business cards from Cards Made Easy. You can either up load your artwork or pick from their range (which is pretty big). Very quick turnaround you submit what you want on line - agree the proof and the cards are with you within a couple of days.

    I know quite a lot of people on the forum use Vista Print and they are good.

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for that I'll give them a go. Gotta be better than what I'm coming up with. Jo


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        I get my sew-in labels from Care Labels. Their website isn't very good but you can order from Ebay
        They are very helpful and will send you a proof before they run the labels off if you ask them.

        Hope this is helpful.
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          I use 'vista print' for business cards (good quality, but delivery can be a bit steep.)
          For woven labels try these...
          Work out at about 7p per label i think? depending on quantity brought.
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            Don't Able labels do some kind of sew in type?

            Vista print are excellent. Free business cards (limited designed though) or pay a bit more & tailor your own.
            If you can wait for them, slow postage works out at just over £2.50 for 1 batch of cards.

            I would recommend using a 'disposable' email address when dealing with Vistaprint. You do tend to get a lot of 'offers' once you have registered. (although, having said that, I have taken advantage of quite a few of their free offers & they have always been very good)

            If you order the free busi cards, don't be tempted by the 'upselling' offers at the end of your order processing - its cheaper to put through another order for free cards, rather than bump your existing order up to the next level (hope I made that understandable)