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  • Any one used this

    I was just wandering if any one had used the new xyron cutter which retails between £99.00 and £129.00 if any one has post a reply how good you think it is and is it worth buying one

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    I haven't got one but i'd be interested to hear if there any good. I've bought a craft robo which i'm going to have a play on today.
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      I have one, & its good(use mainly for scrapbooking). Shame its PINK though. Its a bit bright first thing in the morning.
      You need to have it out somewhere you can get to. I find if I store it away I never use it!!

      + you can cut more than one shape out of a mat
      + its cheaper tham other diecutters (but it looks it too)
      + easy to use
      + books are now available relatively cheaply on the web

      - the sticky mats wear out quite quickly & need replacing often
      - pattern books are difficult to store
      - you are limited to max 4" square die cuts (but who needs bigger than 4")


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        I bought one to demo in my shop. Its rubbish dont buy one. The blades cost nearly £15 each and only last 5 minutes, The mats are tiny and dont last very long either. The design books are good with good designs but they are quite large.Just because of the running costs i would not recommed it also you can only cut paper and very thin card.It is very slow compared to cricut.

        If you can stretch to it the cricut is a much better investment the blades last forever with normal use and the mats are considerably larger but run out just as quick but you get a lot more cuts because of the size,and it is also incredibly fast.
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          Mmm not got it but reposts I have had from crafters

          don't look ....not too hot