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  • Film colours

    I need ilm colour iinspiration.
    Could you tell me what colours leap to mind for these following films-

    Moulin Rouge
    The Mummy
    Peter Pan
    Snow White
    Pirates of the Carribean
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    Brokeback Mountain
    From Hell


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    Pirates of the Carribean - brown, black, red
    Peter Pan - leaf green, light blue (wendy's nightie), brown
    Chicago - black,red,silver,white

    Not sure about the other!! I'll have a think!
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      Moulin Rouge - Red, burgandy, Deep Blue
      The Mummy - Brown, White
      Snow white - Red, White , Blue
      Chicago - Black, Red, Silver
      Memoirs - White, Floral,
      Dracula - Black, Red
      Go on then tell us what you are doing with this!!


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        Just trying to think up colours for film inspired/theme jewellery.

        Nice to know we think similarly, tho never thought of deep blue for Moulin Rouge!

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          hehe i'm quite good at the boudoir stuff, any deep rich colours, and if it was material it should be velvet yummie i love all that!!!!
          Is this worrying?


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            Moulin Rouge - red, black, burgundy
            The Mummy - desert colours, orangey.
            Peter Pan - green, brown, black, red
            Snow White - white and silver
            Pirates of the Carribean - black, grey
            Chicago - red
            Memoirs of a Geisha - white, red, black
            Brokeback Mountain - I have no image of this
            From Hell - red, orange, gold
            Dracula- red, black
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              Added to my list, thanks.


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                Ooooo this is a good game!!

                Moulin Rouge - deep, deep, deep red.
                The Mummy - sandy browns, matt brushed gold
                Peter Pan - green, yellow
                Snow White - royal blue, white
                Pirates of the Carribean - Johnny Depp, drool, dribble .... er sorry, colours .... sandy brown, white, sea green, black pearls
                Chicago - black & sparkly [yes I know sparkly isn't a colour ....]
                Memoirs of a Geisha - red, black, white
                Brokeback Mountain - beige, terracotta
                From Hell - more Johnny Depp!!! Black, deep grey, pewter [Johnny Depp in the bath, ooooh!]
                Dracula - black & red and a flash of white.
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