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Silicone mold making advice & resin help...

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  • Silicone mold making advice & resin help...

    Hi all!
    I'm wanting to make some bangles and need some advice. I'd like to make them in a specific shape so have decided to make my own molds if possible. I need some advice on different types of molds and resin tips, see below for my questions, help on any of them would be much appreicated!

    1 The mold itself, I dont want the 'brush' on kind, id rather have a 2 part box mold or a pour in one (silicone rubber i think). The bangle is a smooth rounded shape (no edges) so i wont be able to leave an open gap to pour along like molds sold on ebay

    2 Im thinking of layering different coloured resins in the mould, is there such things as a clear mold material so I can see what im doing inside?

    3 Leading on from above, id like to layer 20 or so colours in the bangle, how long do they take to set? How would I do this without each colour setting before I get round to use them?

    4 Id like to use a clear resin material and have little coloured resin balls, or plastic balls set inside for show, I guess all i have to do with this is set the balls seperate first and then pop them in the clear resin once there set, my questions with this are
    A Would the clear resin merge in with the coloured resin balls even if they are set in advance? and..
    B Would the resin/ glass/ plastic balls all sink to the bottom of the mix once its put in the mold to set? If so, how would I prevent this? I did think layering then letting the first layer set before the 2nd, but I want the balls random.

    5 Id like to shape a random design to make a mold from, (a square shaped bangle) how would I make the mold for this when I dont actually have the object to mold from!? (Is there a material I can use to replicate plastic then then mold around?)

    Alot of questions I hope I can get some help!!!!

    Thanks in advance
    Jade (-:

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    best thing to do is get in contact with a resin mould company, they can make the moulds for you, and there actually not that bad. As for your round shape, you will need feeds to pour, but remember these feedscan always be banded off afterwards


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      my hubby deals in resin and in moulds i can get him to look at this thread and hopefully advice you


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        Strangely I was actually looking at mould-making stuff the other day, I cant for the life of me think why though lol!

        You can get some stuff called silicone putty (I think) which comes in two parts, you knead them together for 60 seconds then press the object you want to make a mold from into it and wait for it to harden - 10 mins I think. And you are left with a flexible silicone mould. It looked really cool! Im not sure how you would do it for a 3D object though, I know you can make it in two halfs for some things but that wouldnt work with resin would it?

        You could make your bangle shape out of air-drying clay or something like fimo that you cook in the oven so you have a firm, solid shape to make your mould from once you work out how to do it!


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          one tip only.( OH - two)

          i was reading your title and thought that i could help. then i saw all your questions, and had to sit down. hehe

          i have worked with resins and molds and i must say that it was always a struggle.
          my biggest problem was the temperature, if it is wrong my things stayed sticky for weeks.
          but then i just used to paint the resin onto fabric like Hessian.

          about your molds, i did quite a bit of work with glass blowers ans there is a possibility that they can blow you a see-through mold.
          it wont hurt to ask.
          good luck.