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101 uses for beeswax! ..................

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  • 101 uses for beeswax! ..................

    Ok so what are they?????
    I went to a fair and there was a beekeepers stall there. Naturally I bought local honey cos I love honey but they were also flogging beeswax bars saying they had 101 uses and no one should be without one.
    Well how could I resist such a MUST have item?
    Except in the cold light of home I have no idea other than fixing a squeaky door what the other 100 or even 5 other uses are!
    Anyone able to enlighten me, please?
    Terry xxx
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    Oh this is an exciting thread. I sell beeswax in the shape of shells and my patter is a bit thin.
    I've got the squeeky door.

    Have you thought of
    2. sticking drawers?
    3. Polishing wood.
    4. Run your linen thread through it before sewing leather or the tanin in the leather will rot your thread.
    5. Ladies. Do you get chapped lips in winter? Melt a sliver of beeswax in a teaspoon ful of olive oil and it makes a wondrous salve.
    6. Make candles
    7. Make soap.
    8. You know those little boxes I sell with the top that's loose? (Naughty words muttered under my breath.) Smear a bit of beeswax round the rim and embed a bit of thread within and thy problem be solved.



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      running your saw blade through before sawing


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        Have a look here

        "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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          I use beeswax to seal/polish my smoke fired pottery.

          I follow the "Way of the Clay"


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            Originally posted by gbell View Post
            running your saw blade through before sawing
            only if you smear a very small amount and then buff it up, better off using silicone furniture polish


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              we use bees wax to form the asphalt when doing emergency escape routes across flat roofs. wiping a block of wax across the forming tool every so often stops the asphalt from sticking to the tools