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Tie Dye T shirt dilemma

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  • Tie Dye T shirt dilemma


    I need some help for my tie dye t shirt projects.
    At the moment , I am using dylon coloured dyes for cold/warm water dye baths, but is rather costly to buy. Does anyone know of any cheaper makes, or alternatives dyes i can use in the same way. I have been surfing the internet and see you can use vegetables/ fruit juices for natural colourings. Can this be used on cotton white t shirts?
    I have also seen powder paint as another cheaper option. Is this a permanent dye or will it wash out?


    Vicky LLoyd
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    I use powdered Procion Dyes to dye t'shirts and bags, you can get them for very reasonable prices and they work in cold water (apart from the turquoise for some odd reason, this needs warm water to get the best colour result )

    All you need is some Soda ask for fixing the dye, and then the dye powders themselves.


    jan x


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      Somewhere on this forum I had a ballistic rant over Dylon stopping working after they changed the recommended dye bath temperature.
      I tried and have switched to Omega dyes. They seem to cost more but you only use like a quarter of a teaspoon (depends what you are dyeing, of course...) so mine are lasting longer than the Dylon did and I'm getting success every time.

      If you go for natural dyes get a book on the subject. There is a sort of formula but it does vary with the plant. If you go barging in you'll be starting at the bottom of the pile of 100s of years of other peoples' experiences - most of them delivering dyers' beige (a euphamism for failure). Natural dying is exciting but you can end up with the fabric being eaten away, a lovely colour washing away, a beautiful purple turning grey, your blue going pink, pale colours because the plant was growing in the shade......