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    I thin its about time I took a trip into London soon.
    I bought a coat recently from a charity shop and I reckon it could do with some new buttons to jazz it up.I saw ones that would be perfect in John Lewis about 2 years ago but low and behold they dont sell them now.
    Do any of you know any good button shops in London, or where theres a John Lewis?

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    can't help with the button shops I am afraid. I am sure with John Lewis though, if you google their website, they will have a store locator page on it.

    If you fancy staying at home with your feet up though, I carry a good selection of Vintage buttons on my website's online store. Plus I make a range of ceramic buttons too - most unique and perfect for jazzing up items old and new!
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      Thanks, il have a look.

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        Ells and Farrier ? MacCulloch and Wallis?
        If memory serves me right if you go to Oxford Circus you can do John Lewis in Oxford Street (there's loads more in the shops than on the website) then cross the road and get into the back streets and find Ells and Farrier and MacCulloch and Wallis.
        There's a map of haberdashery shops in London here



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          Thanks AnnieAnna Il have a look.Youve just reminded me of a haberdashery shop that i wrote down while watching Gok Wan in one fo his programmes, he went somewhere that looked fab.

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            There's a brilliant shop in london called the button queen!!!

            I think it's sloane street area? If not VV Rouloeux will have some I think. But it's very pricey!
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              VV Rouleaux is a wonderful shop - full of lots of beautiful things, when I was at uni doing textiles I loved going there, here is a link to their website which i just came across...


              good luck!


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                The biggest John Lewis is on Oxford St near Oxford Circus. This is a short walk from Soho where you can go to Berwick Street, which is the place for fabric shops, I don't know if it's also a good place for buttons but might be worth a look.

                If you're headed to the Sloane Square part of town then there is Peter Jones there which is just John Lewis with a different name. It's right opposite Sloane Square tube.

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                  Yes John Lewis is good for buttons, but they stock the same kinds you can find anywhere. The little shops in the back streets over the road sometimes stock more unusual ones. It's great to meander (across the road in the back streets) - there's a ballet shop, a massive costume hire shop, a bead shop, a silk shop, a regimental braid shop and an all sorts shop. But it's better to jot down which streets to target or you can get frustrated going round in circles one block away from where you are meant to be, going I KNOW there's a bead/button/silk shop around here somewhere.