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  • Updated My Website

    Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you know, I have updated my website and added several visuals and changes. Its not fully complete, but would love to know if you think its better than it was. I am really pleased with it so far


    Vicky LLoyd
    NE Day Crafts

    For Kids Everywhere

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    My initial observation are that your homepage is quite busy. I also personally find the different fonts/colours/sizes/underlined/bolded texts quite off-putting throughout the site - it doesn't tie together very well in my opinion. However, other may disagree. Also on your homepage, the red and black font has a white background.

    Also, when I look through your website I struggle to define what the 'aim' of your business is. Is it to provide craft kits for people to buy online? Is it to provide a service to children's groups such as playgroups? Is it to provide a craft childminding service? Is it as a party planner going to people's houses and running a craft party? All of these things seem hinted at but I feel as though they need defining more clearly.

    Oh and "children should be accompanied by an adult" rather than "all children need an accompanied adult" as this implies 3 people!!

    Sorry if I sound like I've just totally picked holes in your website, but you did ask and a bit of tweeking should get you there. Although the above suggestion are obviously just my opinion and others may disagree.

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      Definitely a step in the right direction yes!

      But if you are not going to illustrate each craft kit individually, you at least need to explain in your written description what the kit contains.

      I know it sounds like people are being critical, but you are asking for advice. But you need to look at your website with the eyes of someone who has no idea who you are or what you sell.

      Because from an outsiders point of view, its almost like you are expecting people to just guess what those kits are, what they contain, who they are aimed at, etc.

      Keep at it though - I think with good pictures and proper explanation of each product, you will be on your way to having a website that people are more likely to shop at.
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