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My sewing machine has exploded

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  • My sewing machine has exploded

    It was a Frister and Rossman. It's 40 years old. I loved it. It's been fixed several times but this time the tensiony round thing has completely popped off. It looks pretty broke to me. After a week of holding it on with an elastic band I think I'm admitting defeat.

    can anyone recommend a sewing machine that is
    1. well hard.
    2. Uncomplicated. I straight stich and zig zag. It would be nice to be able to button hole and put zips in. My last machine was pretty pants at those last two things.
    3. and most important - it has to be able to sew from sheer silk to 6 layers of coat weight wool.

    Any recommendations gratefully received.

    PS Would you buy an ex demo machine? Or have they been hammered to death before they go on the market?

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    Hello, not sure which model I would recommend but I would recommend these people I bought my machine from them. They were really helpful and if you keep the original packaging they will do a free service once a year for the life of the machine, the prices were very reasonable too.

    Have sent a pm to you about another matter
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      I saw them then went all girly and dithery and oh oh oh what shall I chose?



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        Sorry I can't help, but sorry to hear your old faithful has finally given up.

        40 years, they don't make them like that any more do they?

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          I like Janome machines and Husqvarna. The ex display models should be fine as long as they give you the proper guarantee. I am just trading in my Janome 300e embroidery machine and the Janome ME4800 (good machine) sewing machine for a Husky that does both, mainly because I need the room as I have an embellisher and 2 overlockers as well as a straight stich Janome 1600p which I use for quilting LOL xxCeinwen


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            Annie why don't you go to Woking Sewing machines at Woodham, I have got all my machines from them and they are very helpful, they offered me one once what they call a workhorse a 2nd hand Bernina, my sis bought one recently 15 years old but works like a dream and seems to be able to take a hammering.


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              Thanks Carolee, I was still pathetically dithering allover the Web so I did what you said and it went like a dream.
              "Hello I need blah blah blah."
              "Well you could have this one but this other one is better. Would you like to see?"
              Followed by a demo.
              "That's spot on, how much?"
              "That's within the budget how would you like me to pay?"

              I've got a new machine I'm off to play
              Thankyou. Byeeeee



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                Aaaaw that's really painful news!So sorry, I hope your new machine works well for you
                Dee x
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                  Don't cry. My old machine is going to the Sewing Centre and will either be given the kiss of life or be canibalised. Either way it's off to Africa and a life in the sun

                  Happiness all round.