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Cardstock help please and stamp question

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  • Cardstock help please and stamp question

    Hi all,

    I have wanted to make my own tags for putting on my products at my next fair and after finding out the cost of having some made up combined with the fun I could have, I thought I'd make my own.

    However, I am looking for a particular type of card and I can't find it and don't know if it has a special name or anything and wondered if anyone could help me trace some please.

    I would like some thing card that looks almost like 'brown paper' that you wrap parcels in or light brown card that looks a little 'rustic' rather than just plain brown card.Preferably recycled. I would also like some of that rustic looking brown string ( is it called this ??? or twine? or something else, I have no idea!) to tie tags on with.

    If anyone has a clue what I mean, any help as to what these things are called and where I may buy some ( only a small amount for now) please let me know.

    I have also seen a stamp I like to put on the back of my tags but it says ' unmounted'.... sorry to sound completely clueless but I am on these things .... does this mean I just get the rubber stamp bit and not the wood back? and if so how do I use it or where do I go to buy a mount for it so I can use it?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    I think the kind of card you are looking for is called Kraft card, I've just googled it and there are a few scrapbook retailers that stock it in 12x12.

    With unmounted stamps, they are either acrylic stamps (so they are clear) and just 'cling' to an acrylic block which replaces the wood bit, or they are normal rubber stamps that you have to put onto something like EZ Mount which will then hold the rubber bit onto an acrylic block.

    Hope that makes sense, it is a bit early!!!!
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      Thanks so much for your help fairy cakes- much appreciated I have now ordered some Kraft card and it is EXACTLY what I need... even with little rustic looking bits in it!

      Thanks for the stamp advice too... think I know what I need to do now, so will get my stamp ordered and hubby says string I need is called sisal so am hunting that down and will be on my way to new tags!

      Thanks again,


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        Thety used to stock sisal string in stationary shops. Often sold as parsel string. Alternatively see if what you want is here

        Hope this helps

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          You might find that garden twine from your local gardenc entre or DIY/ hardware shop is ok, and a lot cheaper than a similar product sold for "craft" - they see you coming when its craft related!!


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            Oh, and if you like your finished tags, you can buy a die cut punch that will stamp out the tag shapes if you need to start making a large quantity.. a lot quicker than cutting out by hand.