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I have lost my get up and go

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  • I have lost my get up and go

    With the new collection only half way finished I have seemed to have lost my get up and go. I am working long hours at work and when I get home I just can't be bothered to sit down and make jewellery.
    Whats wrongs? Has any got any advice?
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    Give up work. Life's too short.


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      Im the same rasperry i have a half finished dollshouse and another kit still in box but i to am working so theres not a lot of time,havent done much since xmas but will.I peeked and your website lovely keep at it you have something special there very pretty weekends i tend to enjoy messing with my dollshouses.


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        How spooky! I was just going to post a thread similar to this! I'm sitting surfing the web, reading craft blogs etc when I should be getting on making things. All the ideas are there and more keep coming but I just haven't got the oommppphhh to get off my bum and do something. Doesn't help that Tara has been getting up stupidly early and screaming at me
        I think it might have something to do with the weather - not too nice and it's so much nicer to be doing things when the weather is better. Also you could be getting 'bored'. Not bored in the proper sense but maybe too many things to do kind of sense That doesn't make much sense but hopefully you will get what I mean!!
        I feel I should be doing something crafty but I'm not going to tonight - I'm off to bed in half an hour or so and I'm going to read my book. A bit of time not thinking should do the trick - hopefully anyway!
        Hope you get your ooommmppphhh back soon Raspberry!
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          How spooky - we were all posting at the same time!!
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            It's called Febuary Ituss. Well it has been called that on another forum I'm on . Dark nights don't inspire me. I have decided I'm going to do an hour of craft a day and If the insperation isnt there then I wont get to down . A difrent kind of craft might get you going.
            A change is as good as a rest.
            "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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              I am the same - I work full time and sometimes, after all the other jobs I have to do, I just can't bring myself to start something or finish a half made item off. I think you do need some time out, otherwise you will get totally fed up with it. Remember you do this for the enjoyment, so when it feels like a chore it means have a break and go back to it another time. Just don't give it up totally! Maybe try out something new - a new design or colour scheme??? I do that to keep my interest.

              I wish I could give up work! Wouldn't life me much easier and more enjoyable!!!???
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                I think as goldy1 says, give yourself a time limit.
                Maybe even just half an hour a day and stick to it, you may find you want to work for a bit longer.

                Have to say after my jewellery was photographed at the weekend its like the end of an era, Ive got to think up new stuff now and I dont have any ideas!!


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                  I have the opposite problem...

                  I desperately want to craft, I've got loads of stuff cut out that needs putting together. But the response from the craft fairs, and crafters' database has been overwhelming...for which I am eternally grateful, but I'm spending my life at the pc or on the phone, while dust is gathering on my sewing machine.

                  Such is life! We can't have it all ways, sadly!

                  Inspiringly, even though the nights are still too long, the sun is shining and there are birds singing, and frogspawn (in Feb!) in my pond.....Spring must be just around the corner. We just have to find out which corner!

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                    THANK YOU everyone!

                    Its reassuring to know its not just me that is feeling a little out of sorts at the moment.

                    It does feel like a chore at the moment. It could be the pressure of trying to get a new collection together i time for our first show of the year in April.

                    I love making jewellery and its not that I haven't got any ideas - my head is buzzing with them. Just something inside me says can you be bothered. While one part of me is excited about having ago at making my first tiara the other half says not tonight.

                    Perhaps I will speak to my sister tonight and see if she wants to make anything - its more fun when we do it together!
                    A fresh and funky collection of handmade jewellery



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                      A tiara must take an eternity, I think you have to be in the right kind of mood to start one of those.
                      I love the way you rfer to your work as a collection, sounds very fashion orientated!!

                      I made a necklace this morning, took me about 15 minutes, I dont know if thats good or bad!!


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                        My Get up and up and went years ago!!!!
                        Charliebubbles xx


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                          Heh, so did this thread - it's from 2007!


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                            A good tip for getting out of 'the doldrums' is to say to yourself, "I'm just going to spend ten minutes getting my craft stuff out". Then if that's all you can manage, go away and do something else. A bit later say to yourself, "I'm just going to spend ten minutes playing with my craft stuff". After that, with any luck, you'll be inspired to start something.
                            Annie and Lyn