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  • Cindy

    Hi my name is Cindy. I am putting together a website of how to's on all different crafts and live in South London. I would love to talk to anyone who has any idea's. It may lead to a pilot for TV?

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    Just read your first explanatory post. One question...................what happens to the intellectual copyright of the information the 'crafter' volunteers to you? It sounds a little as if you will be taking a lot of information - from people who have spent a lot of time and effort to gain it - and using it for your own purposes. I'm a bit suspicious here.


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      Hi Peter,
      Sorry just picked up your message. No quite the contary. Anybody that wishes to partake in this venue will get a credit for it. I will even do a link to their website. I am just trying to bring crafting to the masses. If anyone wishes to do a how to video themself I will be happy to put it on the site. My wish is for everybody to learn a new craft, especially at a time like this where so many of us are unemployed.


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        Hi Cindy,
        can't help with your project, but couldn't help saying hello to a fellow Cindy. Were you christened cindy or is it a shortened form of something else like mine, I'm originally cynthia, but I've deciced not to use that until I'm old!!!!

        Cindy x

        I'm not fully computer literate, but I can spell IT!!!!!!!!


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          Hi Cindy

          Hello Cindy,
          Yes, as a matter of fact I was, but I get called Cynthia a lot too. I don't know if you have seen any of my posts but I am looking for crafters for my new website. I want to promote crafts in a big way. I am doing how-to video's and giving instructions online so everyone can get crafting. The website will incorporate Allotment gardens, how to make you own spa products from home, all sorts of things. Are you a professional card maker?
          Would you be interested? It is due to go live in August.
          Let me know or if you any ideas would be most welcome.
          Nice chatting.


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            Hi Cindy. I'm new to crafting and new to the forum, and your post caught my eye because I'm into websites (have a few of my own) and I live in South London (just moved here). Do you have any further info you can give me regarding your site?

            Can you post here or pm me details of the structure of the site, how often it is updated and how it will be promoted (plus anything else you feel is relevant) as I would be interested in contributing in some way.

            Thanks, Nicola.


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              Hi Nicola, I would be happy to give you details and very happy for any help especially as we live near each other. Can you email at [email protected] I only joined recently and am not sure how this works but would love to chat. I think we can send private messages as well.
              Kind regards,