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Image transfer to polymer clay

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  • Image transfer to polymer clay

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes

    I really want to make some pendants from polymer clay and want to transfer images onto them, I have heard (and seen) that this is possible but I can't for the life of me find out how to do it..

    Anybody ever done it? Are there any step by step guides (without any confusing jargon) as to how it is done?

    Many thanks for any help

    jan x

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    I have been shown how to do it before, you need to use gin and a certain type of ink on your picture (i.e use a photocopier or a certain type of printer, not sure which). All you have to do is place the image face own on your clay, making sure there are no air bubbles, then rub some gin over the paper, carefully, until the paper rubs off.

    I think I have some instructions in one of my books. I am currently packing up for a craft fair so I will try and have a look for it when I get back tonight.

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      I think there are various products on the market now that can help with image transfers.

      However - this is how I did it some years ago when I wanted to touch on the techniques in my book - so I am by no means an expert.

      For black and white image transfers, you can use images printed on a regular lazer printer (the type with toner cartridges).

      Print out the image and smoothe it down over a sheet of clay. Make sure the clay is placed on a tile or something ready for baking. I recall I also placed another tile on top just to keep everything flat and in contact.

      After baking, when you remove the printed image, there will be a good, but rather ghostly impression of the image left on the clay.

      If you want a stronger image, paint over the clay with a thin layer of liquid clay such as Fimo Deco Gel first before applying the image. This will result in a much stronger transfer of all the toner.

      For colour images, we used to use print it yourself T-shirt transfer paper and ink jet printers. Just do exactly the same as above.

      It will probably take some experimenting with and so on, but those methods certainly will give reliable transfers quite easily. Just remember that anything you transfer comes out mirror image.


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        isn't there a way with inkjet prints? I keep trying to find the instructions bu googling but each time I think I have found something it gets complicated

        jan x