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help my leather jacket!

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  • help my leather jacket!

    Hi all! I'm posting here cause I thought that you lurkers in these quarters of fine fine craftmanship might be the ones to lend me some help.. I painted this thing on the back of my leather jacket, and so I'm wondering in what way I should protect it from every day wear and tear. I roughed up the surface with sand paper, painted with acrylics, then in desperation used a fixative that is actually for charcoal drawings and such. So I wonder if there is some good way to protect the painting, I picture some sort of liquid that I could brush onto it, some oil or somesuch.
    I would be real grateful for tips!

    I tried to upload some photos of it but that didin't work out...

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    to the forum. We have rules about putting in links until 25 posts but you can put a picture in your album where we could all see it. Let us know when you have done that.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      thanks for the reply Critchley!

      I have uploaded three photos of it now in my album... I would really appreciate it if I could get some tips from ya guys! I know it probably isn't to popular not having any pics in the thread, so sorry fow that!


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        try resolene by Tandy Leathercraft from abbey saddlery or le prevo leather. Check it is suitable first but it should be asits an acrylic coating.

        cheers Bill