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  • scrapbooking

    i have decided to turn my hand at scrapbooking to have a break from the cardmaking and i understand that you must use acid and lignin free papers to protect the photographs, what would happen if i actually laminated the photos and used normal copy paper to mount them,would that protect or actually harm in itself. i wanted to design my own background papers using acd i have but i dont have any acid free papers and i think that acid free papers are quite expensive am i right? can you get plain acid free?

    some of the photos would be actual photographs and some would be printed onto photographic paper from the digital camera.
    any suggestions welcome


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    My scrapbook tutor would turn in her grave to hear you talking about laminating your photos!! Laminating is a permanant process, and there is no data yet as to how the photos will hold up long term!

    The theory is that if you use acid and lignin free scrapbook pages, that will protect your photos for the long term. Finding pages that are 'buffered' gives them an extra layer of protection, as the buffering keeps the page & componants Ph neutral over time (papers will absorb acid from the environment)

    Its depends what for what purpose you are making the album? If it is to document your photos and memories for posterity, I would not be taking any risks, but, if its a craft project for fun, why not try whatever takes your fancy?

    I've only found one source of white acid free paper. I can't post the link, cos I'm new, but I think you can pm me if you want to know



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      I to am new at scrapbooking bought myself a book on the craft still not sure so many materals in my local craft shop didnt know where to start i to will be calling for help.


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        Ask me anything & I'll try to help. Been running workshops / club & teaching scrapbooking for 7 years, so I've come across most questions!!!


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          plain acid free paper

          hi there - you can get plain coloured acid free paper - not sure if thats what you are looking for - we buy in blocks of coloured paper i.e. five sheets pink, five sheets yellow etc and its doesn't work out that expensive per sheet....

          for all your cardmaking supplies!