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  • what printer are you using?

    Hi there,
    I am looking for a new printer, that will cope with cardstock, so that I can print backgrounds onto cards, before adding decoupage etc, I have tried an old lexmark which was ok up to a certain thickness, but was persuaded by my husband to go for a new Epson multi function machine which is hopeless and cant cope with anything thicker than photo paper.
    Can I ask what works for you out there? Hoping to save research time and obviously money on another machine that is not suitable for my purpose.
    grateful for any advices.
    many thanks

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    I use an Epson D120 and have no problems with thicker card stock. I have found that some card which has a coating is a problem but the normal sort is fine. I also use mine to print onto fabric as it uses a permanent ink.
    My sister has an HP multi functional one and again has no problems.


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      thanks for the info.. any idea what thickness of card you have had success with? Have checked the spec for the D120, but it doesn't show
      paper/card thickness handling capacity, only A4 paper?