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Big Shot embossing - do you know how?

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  • Big Shot embossing - do you know how?

    Hi everyone, I have a question I hope someone can answer for me - I received an Ellison Big Shot for Christmas, however I can't seem to get it to emboss. I'm using the embossing folder and brass "friends" template that came with it but when I make the sandwich as shown in the leaflet and pass it through the machine there isn't any pressure and it passes straight through the rollers, no embossed image to be seen. It looks like the sandwich isn't thick enough and the rollers aren't touching it as it passes through but as I am only using the bits that came with it in the beginners kit so can't understand what I might be doing wrong! The thick and thin cut dies seem to work OK, just having problems with embossing. Can anyone help? I only got it because I thought I could use my brass embossing stencils with it instead of a light box, but the instructions that came with it are useless, just a little piece of paper that folds out. I was expecting a decent instruction book advising how to use the sizzix dies and other stencils with the Big Shot and any additional equipment I might need to do so - HELP?
    - Morgan-Reeves

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    I've answered this question in your introduction post - I didn't realise that you had posted in here too!!!
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