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Looking for solution-sticky situation with wall paper art!

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  • Looking for solution-sticky situation with wall paper art!

    Hiya Merry Xmas everybody! Whilst these forums are a new thing to me, i'm sure there must be some empathetic people out there who will know the buzz you get from a finished piece of your own creation AND, i hasten to add...,the terrible panick when you think you might have botched it!
    So i'll cut to the chase: To adorn my newly decorated flat, i've been making some wall paper art consisting of vintage 70's vinal print wall pap pasted onto 3 m.d.f pannels (Wasn't going to put it all over the wall as thought it would be bit much but this has a retro-funky yet contempory look for the living room). All was going great guns untill i decided i wanted to varnish these pannels to protect and preserve them. Now they are left with this stickyness all over which will attract dust and all sorts and i'm not sure if i can rectify it.The first varnish i used was a "paper" varnish, when this dried sticky, i applied a Windsor & Newton all purpose permanent spray varnish-no change, in fact its as bad as ever!
    Does anybody have an answer?, i really dont want to give up on this one but i'm begining to despair of the situtation-Purrr-lease! help??

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    Hi Claire. I don't think you're going to fix this, varnish is like paint, you have to have one coat completely dry before you put another on. If the first coat dried sticky, any further coats will also be sticky, so no amount of hard shell coats will give you a hard film. The only thing to do is to a. start again, and use ordinary ronseal varnish - it will yellow over time, but it'll take about 50 yrs!
    or b. Leave it as long as it takes to dry. It should dry, but it can take 6 months to a year for a varnished painting to dry!


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      Ty Peter, your advice has been noted.
      I think my solution will be to use Fablon!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It would seem to be the best solution, at least, one that would mean the use of the boards i have created. Any advice, is this the way to go???