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Anyhelp with stacking square punches much appreciated!

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  • Anyhelp with stacking square punches much appreciated!

    Hello, this is my first post! All new to me - so, go easy on me!!

    I'm currently searching for punches for a stacking square design on my wedding invites. The ones I've found on-line so far are the wrong size I need these three sizes:

    2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
    2 1/4" x 2 1/4"
    2" x 2"

    Any help with this would be muchly appreciated, am really beginning to panic now!

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    Welcome to the world of "craft" where you discover the bits for your idea are there, but not as you hoped!

    Actually, you may be lucky, I'm sure there are folk out there with the ones you want.. though for me, I always have the idea, and struggle to find the things to make it happen!

    Just one thought, I presume you are looking to do some form of pyramid or stacked mat, have you thought about using a guillotine/paper trimmer and just cutting strips in the three sizes you need, and then feed those through to cut off the squares you need?? Most decent paper trimmers have guide measurements on them, so it's easy enough to do..


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      Can't help with the punches, but a word of caution on the invitations. Anything with a embellishment of any height should be checked before posting, I heard of one wedding where the brides mother was handing everyone the extra postage they had had to pay to retrieve their invitations from the Post Office!!


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        I don't know of a punch I'm afraid, but on create and craft they had a plastic template with concentric grooves in, to draw around then cut out to give different size squares, oblongs, ovals and circles. The guillotine method is a good idea and I've got a lovely dinky one, about 10x8, which I got from createandcraft too, about a tenner or thereabouts.
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