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    I sent you an email a few weeks ago about selling your greeting cards
    through our network of stores. I think they'd be a great fit. Do you

    We work hand in hand with buyers from thousands of greeting card stores,
    gift shops, large chains, mail-order catalog companies and Internet
    shopping sites. We need a larger variety of greeting cards they can choose
    from, hence my email to you.

    If you're interested in selling your pieces to more stores visit us at
    Mod deleted link We guarantee sales.
    I've just received this email, I did have one similar a few weeks ago but deleted it without much thought. But I wondered if anyone had heard of this Wisrep company before and if anyone knows anything about them?

    Thanks. Laura xx
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    Sorry Laura I've not heard of these people before. I will keep an eye out though


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      I've received a few of these and I just delete them.

      TBH I'd just take it all with a pinch of salt. Wiserep are American, all the stores mentioned are in the States. Their claims are just too good to be true which in my mind send alarm bells ringing. It's a well know fact that most of these huge US chain stores get their products in from China for pennies. There is no way that they are going to pay the sort of price that we as hand crafter would expect.

      Plus they would probably want you to provide huge amounts, enough to carry stock in their chains and be bar coded, etc. Why they send these out to us little people I don't know as there is no way I could or want to supply someone like Walmart.

      Much better, easier and feasible to supply a local shop with your products, if that is what you're after.
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      Ruby xx

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        Thanks Ruby, I had thought the same that it was too good to be true, and I've now had a reply to my email which states that they want payment from me for them to sell my goods... I don't think so.

        Hubby and I are quite happy supplying our local shop and carrying on as we are... these large chainstores would want all the credit anyway, and as you say would expect to pay peanuts!!

        [quote]Thanks for your interest. To give you a better idea of what we do this email should help. We also have a presentation you can view online. If you want me to email it to you as an attachment please let me know.

        According to the U.S. Census Bureau, last year a select group of buyers who work for specialty stores and large chains spent 369.8 billion buying products from companies like yours.

        While their average salary is just $57617, they are the trendsetters and brand makers who can help make your vision a reality.

        As a wholesaler, you know the difference between making or breaking your business is getting your line seen by these people. Traditionally, this meant exhibiting at tradeshows where booth space start at $4000 for a weekend and reach into the hundreds of thousands.

        But as airfare and travel expenses skyrocket and as the economy enters uncertain times, the tradeshow industry is feeling the ill effects. According to the TradeShow Weeks Annual Consumer Show report, in 2007 average attendance dropped with some shows reporting steep declines of up to 57%.

        To fill the void, buyers have been actively using the Internet to find products. Pew Internet and American Life Tracking Surveys report that 78% of buyers polled already use the Internet to research a product before buying it.

        For the past two years, we’ve worked to consolidate the entire industry online. With monthly hits surpassing 2.3 million, we’ve created the platform where thousands of buyers, key decision makers, and upper level executives come to find products.

        If you want to show your greeting cards to the people who call the shots this is where you begin.

        To add your products to our site, there's a one-time set-up fee of $285 and a monthly fee of $30. If you sign up by March 18th we’ll discount your set-up fee by $100. You’ll pay $185 to set-up instead of $285.

        We’ll be exposing your brand and your lines to thousands of buyers daily, from large retailers like Wal-Mart to department stores, specialty shops, mail-order catalog companies and even niche venues like Disney product development. You’ll get a constant stream of purchasing power delivered right to you.

        To increase your exposure, your product pages are all indexed by major search engines. You can follow just how well your products are moving with comprehensive tools like StatTrack. Based on your page views you can continue to improve your listings for optimum results. You can edit your posts anytime you want.

        When you’re ready to get started simply register at (website address) Send me an email if you sign up by March 18th and I’ll add two months to your account for free. I’ll also upgrade you to Platinum Member …the highest level of membership we have. As a Platinum member, all of your products are posted at the top of our site… above the products of all other members. You also get Platinum Member logos next to each product, which increases your visibility and immediately instills buyer confidence.

        I hope this helps. If you have any questions please let me know.

        David Thibos
        VP of Merchandising
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          I think you should be careful about using the term '****'. While this is obviously a fee paying site, there are a huge number of sites exactly like this one, for some people the returns are good, and for some they aren't, but they cannot be classed as ****s. ****s are unscrupulous ways to extort money from you, usually by misleading or untrue representation, this one does explain the charges and your obligations, so in my opinion it isn't a ****. Remember these posts get picked up by search engines like google, and will eventually filter back to the companies named..........................can you support your claim in a libel case? Just my opinion.


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            Point taken Peter... we each have our own thoughts on these companies, however my post has been editted so as not to show '****s' in any area through the forum. I'd prefer not to bring myself or the forum into any sort of disrepute for merely expressing an opinion.


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              Originally posted by Fluffy Squirrel View Post
              Point taken Peter... we each have our own thoughts on these companies, however my post has been editted so as not to show '****s' in any area through the forum. I'd prefer not to bring myself or the forum into any sort of disrepute for merely expressing an opinion.
              Same here. I've just re worded my post.
              Ruby xx

              Website - Cosy Candles & Aromas
              Blog - Ruby's Crafty Diary
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                Thanks ladies.


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                  I've just had the exact same email

                  Wondering if its a **** as well however I'm really wanting to get my stuff out there he says that they supply to QVC so was thinking of asking QVC myself about this