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What dye to use?

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  • What dye to use?

    I've used Dylon to dye stuff before like clothes and towels.
    But afterwards the fabric always turns stiff and scratchy.
    Even baby clothes that were lovely and soft before,
    after being dyed they're stiff and scratchy.

    Does anyone else find this?
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Can anyone recommend another brand of dye that doesn't do this?

    Many Thanks for any advice.

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    I've not had this problem, I usually run it all on a regular wash with fabric softener after dyeing it.

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      Not had this problem, and dyed a few items before now, including jeans, a sweater etc.. I have used the machine wash dye rather than the cold water one, and no problems really..

      All I can think of (a real long shot) is that maybe the items you dyed were cool wash only, and they got washed longer and hotter?? some synthetics can go "crunchy" (especially acrylic.. though if I rememebr right, Dylon wont dye that anyway..)... I dont know of any other dyes available retail... seems to be dylon or nothing!

      If you dont want to pay for professional dyeing (outrageously expensive!!) some folk like to use natural vegetable dyes on raw cotton, silk and wool.. You need to use a mordant to bond the dye to the fabric - Alum (aluminium sulphate) is commonly used for wool and fairly easily available..

      For printing designs you immerse the fabric in the mordant solution and let it dry, but for general dyeing you just add the dyes to the solution.

      If you want to try this, there is a lady on Ebay who sells Alum in small quantities for dyers, and she can offer advice about use. I think she possibly has other things too - I will dig out her ebay details and website if you want toget in touch with her..


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        The items were all natural fibres.
        I use eco-friendly washing powder & fabric softner.
        Maybe I need to use some non-eco fabric softner on it to get it to go soft again?
        Or I might try taking it to the laundrette and putting it in a tumble drier.
        That usually makes clothes lovely and soft.

        sparkysdad : I'd like that info on where to get mordants please.
        I'd like to dye some organic blue faced leicester wool with natural dyes,
        as I want to knit some wool nappy covers.
        Do you know which mordants are "safest" and non-irritant?

        Many Thanks


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          Happy to help ) I bought 100g for £1.40 plus P+P (enough to mordant 100g of wool) But I presume larger quantities are available, and probably more economically..

          The lady is called phillipa her Ebay shop is Wheeldale Woolcrafts, and her ebay user id is wheeldale123.

          she also has a website with info as well as products

          The address is wheeldale Woolcrafts, Wheeldale Lodge, Goathland, N Yorks, YO22 5AP Tel 01947 896068


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            By the way, Alum is what we used to use as kids to "grow" crystals.. if you have any left over, worth a bit of fun for big kids like me, as well as the little ones!


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              Thanks for the info.
              Oooh I used to love growing crystals as a kid, so pretty!



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                Me too.. as a "kid" of 47... I made up my mordanting solution and had some spare, so I left it in a tub.. a couple of days later there were 6 or 7 monsters.. about 1.5cm across lurking in the solution!

                little things please little minds maybe, but brightened my day!