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Hama Beads - what age?

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  • Hama Beads - what age?

    Hoping some of you with young children can advise me here....

    I'm thinking about buying a hama bead set for my friend's little girl for her Christmas pressie (seeing as Seahorse has kindly pointed out how close it is now) but not having kids myself yet I'm a bit clueless as to whether it'd be suitable for a 6 year old - do you think I'd be ok or a bit too fiddly?
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    My seven year old daughter loves hama beads. She started a couple of years ago and needed a lot of help to follow the patterns etc. So if the mum of the girl is a hands on sit down with your children style mum, then I'd say go for it!!
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      My nephew had a set when he was 6 and he enjoyed playing with them so I would say that 6 is about the right kind of age.
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        Hama Midi beads are recommended for 5+ age group. This is the majority of their range anyway so chances are it's what you'll find in the shops.
        You can also get Maxi for 3+ and Mini for 10+.
        Kids love them - great gift idea.
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          When I worked in the toyshop Hama was very popular, people bought it by the bucket load.
          I think as long as the child is past the age of trying to eat everything it would be a great prezzy.
          It doesnt have to be fiddley, it could just be a big splodge of colour, whatever is in the childs head, as long as theres an adult around for the ironing side of things.

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            they have reasonable value sets in Woolies I noticed the other day

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              Thank you all for your advice - they sound perfect for her so I've ordered a set.
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                when I first read this post, I had no idea what Hama beads were, so I found out and have now bought two sets for my friends kids for Christmas. Quite fancied having a go myself

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                  Have to admit Carol it was only when a customer asked me if I could get any from my suppliers that I discovered them - and like you I looked into them and thought they sounded like a great idea for Christmas pressies.
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                    There are three different sizes of Hama Beads

                    The largest, hama maxi can be used by kids from age of 3, and midi can be used by kids from age of 5.

                    The smallest, hama mini is for bigger children...