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  • Custom made craft punch

    Hi - first post, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.....

    My fiancé and I are getting married in early 2008, and are planning on making our own invitations. One of the things that we were thinking of doing was to have a Venetian theme to the wedding. In order to link this into the invite subtly, we were thinking of trying to incorporate a relatively simple abstract cut out image of the Rialto Bridge at the bottom of the insert to the invite, with either coloured card or ribbon behind it.

    In order to do this, rather than letting my other half loose with a craft knife (which would take weeks!!!), we were hoping to try and source a custom made craft punch that we could use to cut the design out. Does anybody know of any companies that make custom made punches, and the likely cost of ordering one….?

    Many thanks for your help!!!!

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    I know that there are companies who make rubber stamps to order and you can get kits to make them yourself. I've not come across a company that makes custom punches although if you contact the punch companies they might be able to help you. If you can't get a custom punch then the rubber stamp may be the way to go. Just be careful of copyrighted images although I think you should be fine with the Rialto bridge.
    Hope this helps
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      Custom Craft Punches

      Does anyone know of anywhere that may make craft punches to my specifications?

      sd_kirk - Did you find anyone that made custom punches? I had a similar idea for my wedding invitations but cannot find anywhere who makes custom punches.



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        I believe there are some US companies that make custom punches, but they are very expensive.

        Somebody with a Slice or even a Robo might be able to help though?


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          Go Kreate used to offer a customised die-making service. Not sure if they still do though...

          Good Luck with the search, debby


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            Water pipes

            I am thinking about buying some wholesale water pipes from this company in China
            but I am not sure if they are legal to bring in to the states? What are the laws on water pipes, bongs, and pipes?


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              to the forum.
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