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  • Help !!!

    Im interested in making decorative gift boxes but first my attempt last night was decidedly Iffy !!! I tried to make a template for a simple square box with a separate lid and measured it as accurately as i could but it seems you have only to be a couple of milimetres out for your box not to fit together neatly when you try to assemble it! i was wondering if there were any templates you could buy ( the kind you draw or score around perhaps) i have looked on the net but havent been able to find anything. I did find some embossing board type things that state that you can make boxes with them but they just appear to be a board with a series of straight scoring lines on that you could do just the same with ruler ! perhaps im wrong !
    does anybody have any advice on box making or where i can get a template? does anybody have experience of using these embossing type boards? are they good? which is the best?

    thanks so much in anticipation of your replys and i look forward to talking and sharing with you all

    kind regards

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      Thankyou Goldy1

      Hey thanks for that, i did find that one too - it will be useful when im a bit more practiced im sure.. thanks for your help