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    Hi can I have peoples opinion i make hand made cards and want to know how to best photograph my cards for my web site

    Should I photograph them flat or standing up.


    Sara x

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    I tend to do mine flat because they always look a funny shape when I photo them standing up (but that's probably me) and I do only use the camera on my iPhone.

    I'd try it both ways & see which one you prefer. The thing with standing them up is you can usually get them in a better light.
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      Why dont you try both and see which ones come out the best?

      I prefer photographing cards standing up, they seem to come out better, it is easier (it is hard to get the camera angle straight from above) and the shadows etc look more natural.

      If you have got a photo manipulation programme on your computer you can always lighten photos that are a bit dark, brighten colours etc, it is just a case of playing around until you like what you see!


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        I agree with the above... it's definitely a case of trying the different ways and seeing which you're happiest with. I'd recommend trying out the different settings on your camera too just to find out which setting suits you and which gives you the best result, I'd definitely try to photograph them with as much natural light as possible though to reduce flashback, etc.



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          I do mine standing up too because of the shadow when they're lying down. I feel you get a lot more natural light reflecting on them when they are standing up.

          It's all trial and error I've found and I've had a lot of help from people on here too