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Double crochet (US) / Treble (UK) stitch

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  • Double crochet (US) / Treble (UK) stitch

    I'm making a scarf out of 100% acrylic yarn, 320m/100g, using 4mm (G6) and 5mm (H8) hooks. The pattern requires double crochet (US)/treble (UK) stitches, which are easy enough, but the outcome is very "netty" and sparse. I also find the stitches do not sit on top of each other, but rather sit like bricks, if you know what I mean. Thus for every other row, I get one stitch too few.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the way treble stitches are meant to be? I remember doing the same stitches years ago and the outcome was much tighter and solid. The hook size should be OK for the yarn, or am I wrong?

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    without seeing the pattern and what you have done so far it is difficult to help, but if it is netty when made up i would say your needle is too big. Also as you seem to be loosing a stitch are you substituting a 3chain at the beginning for the first stitch?


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      Netty is quite in at the moment though I think. I've seen some fabulous slubby yarn scarves that are mostly holes. The trouble is that there are 6 or 7 colourways and I can't decide which one I want.

      When I crochet, I always find that one edge is fine and the other slopes. I have never worked out what I do wrong though

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        If your sittches are sitting 'bricklike' on top of each other, it sounds like your crocheting into the space below the stitch, rather than into the stitch itself/

        The stitch sitting on top that you crochet into should have two lines running horizontal along the top and one line below (hard to describe but I can't post links!) You should be sticking your crochet hook into between the two lines and the bottom line to create your stitch, not underneath all three lines.

        Your yarn sounds quite fine also if there is 320m to 100g, maybe your using a hook too big for the thickness of the yarn, its always important to check your gauge (stitches per inch/size of hook)

        You can always change to Doubles if your not happy with it, it will only change the height of each stitch - and no one says you must follow the rules to the letter

        good luck


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          I am also making a scarf like the first post said and wondered whether anyone has any updated advice on whether to double crochet or triple stitch?


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            The 3 ch worked at the beginning count as your 1st tr and you should work into the top of it. When you turn, ch 3 then miss the 1st tr, work into all the others (or as per pattern) then into the top of the 3 ch. Your work should stay straight when you do this.
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              A sloping edge and reduction in stitches is a very common mistake in crochet. It is caused by misunderstanding the use of the turning chain (tch)

              The page /tch.html at the website how-to-crochet-instructions dotcom (sorry I am not allowed to post a link because I am a new member) should help you understand the turning chain and how it is used (and misused).

              Generally speaking, a DK (double knitting) weight yarn will suit a 4mm hook for the stitches you are using if you want your work to be tight, but a larger hook can be used for a different effect. i find I can use up to a 5.5mm hook wothout getting a "netting look" I wonder if you might be using 4ply by mistake? Different makes and qualities of yarn can give different effects. Sometimes I have bought a yarn which states it is double knitting but is erring towards a 4ply and needs a smaller hook.

              It may also be that the pattern you are following has asked for an aran weight yarn and you are using DK by mistake