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cost off silver wire.

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  • cost off silver wire.

    Right guys I know I am usually the google queen around here but my head is so messed up at the moment that I need your help. What is a good price for silver wire. I want it to make head pins,wire wrap stones and make beaded necklaces links would .8mm be enough?

    to make these in sterling.

    I have found some at 3ft for £4.75 + £1 postage is this good value?
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  • #2 are doing 0.7mm wire a metre for £5.12 including VAT.

    They sell their wire by the gram

    Often worth looking there because they sell a lot of bullion.

    There againg you cna buy 3 metres same wire from them for £6.45 plus VAT (price comes down per gram the more you buy)

    eg you are paying about £1,110 for between 1 and 5 grams a metre being 4 grams

    Hope that makes sense but its worth checking them out
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      Cooksons will cost you £2.65 per meter at 10m lengths (I always go for the best price break), for 0.8mm wire - which is a great general purpose wire.

      If you want to use it for headpins as well, you'll need flux and pickle. Otherwise, get fine silver for this - you can get away with a slightly finer gauge for these - 0.7 or even 0.6mm is fine.


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        If you buy over 10 gms at cooksons, the price goes down dramitcally.



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          Originally posted by goldy1 View Post
          I have found some at 3ft for £4.75 + £1 postage is this good value?
          I found it on ebay at that price (which works out at £1.91 per ft) but the same seller has another listing for 5ft for £6.95 +£1 postage which works out at £1.59 per ft - 32p cheaper per foot. Big saving in price for a few pounds more outlay.

          If you buy 9ft it works out at £1.44 per foot.

          Cooksons is definitely cheaper if you buy 9ft - works out at £7.71 + postage.

          Palmers works out around £8.16 + postage - a bit dearer than Cooksons.
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            Hi, why not try the scientific wire co

            Hi, why not try the scientific wire co, i've only had a few dealings with them but they seem ok, i can't post their web address yet but if you google them then go to their crafts site there's lots of silver wire and other wires to choose from. regards Robin