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Cricut/Robo what's the difference?

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  • Cricut/Robo what's the difference?

    I wonder if anybody can educate me? I have way too many die cutters LOL. I've been really greedy (although most were presents) Sizzix, big shot, wizard, sidekick, zip e mate. But, I have never really taken any notice of the cricut and robo (whatever it's called?) see how much I know! LOL. I've never been interested as I have been cutting tin mostly and I know they aren't made for that!

    However I'm doing more paper piecing and I've been looking at templates and the names keep cropping up over and over.

    Can you tell me what the difference is? Which is best and if they are really worth the money they cost?

    I'd value any opinions. Thank you.

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    Nope sorry cant help here but just wanted to say "Glad im not the only one who cant sleep" im going to give it a go - off to bed now nite


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      The cricut needs to have cartidges to cut the shapes and letters or you can buy a stand alone software product but it isnt endorsed by the makers. The craft robo will cut any true type font from your PC including all the dingbat shapes and its also not limited whats on the cartridge.
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        So glad you asked this! I have been trying to compare on line, I cant make head or tail of them though,I really could do with seeing demos to make sure its exactly what I need, there are some videos you can take a look at on the cricut site I have noticed,have a look and then translate back to me in plain english please lol, ... I will be keeping a close eye on your thread!


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          I thought I was quite a "technical" person, but I find all the websites are incredibly unhelpful! - I even tried downloading the pdf document on Craft Robo but it doesnt work either.. Hmmm.. "would you buy an expensive piece of technical kit if the website was bad??" I wouldn't..

          From what I gather, the two machines cost about the same if you shop around.. but it seems to me that the cricut "needs" the cartridges which have a lot on them, but are rather expensive add ons - and like lots of "bundled" things, you have to ask if you would ever use 90% of the other things on each cartridge!! at $100 (£70) list price, you could be looking at £500 in no time.. There is Design Studio software which allows you to create your own designs, but again add another $90 !! Ouch!!

          If I have the Craft Robo right, theres no cartridges, and the design layout software comes with the machine as standard?? Presumably that allows you to import images you design yourself, or clipart off your PC, the Web, and the many CD Roms you can get for a couple of quid??

          The cricut also needs sticky cutting mats which dont seem to last that long.. it isn't immediately apparent if the Craft Robo uses a similar system - presumably, or how do you cut thinner paperstock without tearing??

          Seems that unless "consumables" are wildly different in price, the Craft Robo has everything going for it - cheaper, more versatile??

          Hopefully some of the owners could shed some light on which is best and why??


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            Sparkysdad, you are right about the robo, the software you need comes with it and you can do any font / shape etc with that. But you do need the replaceable sticky pads called carrier sheets for it too, and also the blade may need replacing every now and again.

            I have cut absolutely loads - including many multiples of various things my sister needed for her wedding invitations and favour boxes, and the blade is still cutting ok touch wood! The carrier sheets seem to lose their stick after a while, but you can refresh them a bit by washing with soapy water, or by spraying with repositionable adhesive. So unless you have been using too high pressure and cutting right through them, they should last quite a while!

            If you are thinking of getting a robo, have a look on the uk scrappers forum - lots of robo users and pictures of their creations there! After a month you can also view and download the templates that members share on there. They have a market place for buying and selling craft items from other members - I got a good deal on my robo from there from somebody who didnt get on with it and had only used it once or twice!

            Im not sure why you couldnt download the information, but graphtec (who make the robo) are actually reported to have brilliant customer service, as experienced by uks members anyway. Luckily, I havnt needed them yet!

            Anyway, I am biased because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my robo! But I definitely think it is worth the money!


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              Thanks for that!

              It wasn't the website, just the downloadable pdf document that didn't work...

              By the way, if you import your own pictures, can you then print them on paper and use the robo to cut them out as decoupage?? - I hate fiddling about with little scissors and craft knives!



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                Glad I could help!

                As for decoupage, that is why a lot of people buy the robo! It is called a "print and cut" in robo-land, and is something I havnt tried yet as I havnt really needed to, but I am planning to give it a go so will let you know how easy it is! If you want to do this, dont get the new robo lite though, as that doesnt do print and cut.

                Claire x


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                  claireybear, you seem to really have got to grips with this which I know a lot of people struggle with so wondered if you could answer a couple of questions for me.

                  I'm still swithering whether I can justify the expense of one too but the one thing it would save me is lots of time and wondered if i have a file saved on a word document, can the CraftRobo somehow cut this out for me and also can I ask, if I can fit 2 of the object I want to cut out, onto one A4 page on the word document, I assume it would cut them both out?


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                    Hi Krafty

                    Like I said I love my robo, but Im sure there is lots more I could do with it that I havnt tried or got the hang of yet!

                    When you cut with the robo, you do it from the software called robomaster that comes with it, so any file you cut has to be opened in this software. So it either has to be a GSD or DXF file (eg a template on a cd or bought/downloaded from the internet) OR you use autotrace, where you choose a picture file (I think it has to be a JPEG but Im not sure) from your computer, and it draws round it for you to give a cutting outline.

                    So if you want to cut a picture from a word document, I would think that you need to select the picture in the file, and copy and paste it into a graphic/photo programme, and save it as a JPG/JPEG file. That should work, but if it didnt then you could always do a screen shot, crop it and save that as a jpeg.

                    That all sounds really technical, but it isnt that hard, really! Once you get the hang of it, you can do what you like!

                    And like I was saying to sparkysdad, you can cut round decoupage too, as you can manually trace round an image to choose which bits to cut. I havnt tried that yet though!

                    Anyway, if you decide to get one I am more than happy to try and help you out with what you want to do! And there is always the uks forum too, they are fantastic on there, what some of them do with their robo is amazing!

                    Claire x


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                      That's really helpful, thanks for the info

                      I'm still trying to find my way around ukscrappers, never known a forum so difficult to find your bearings on


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                        Really?! Mind you, I tend to only hang out in the robo part of the forum lol!