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non-toxic spray paint?

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  • bodrighy
    Acrylic paint is basically non toxic at least compared to cellulose stuff. You can get all sorts of paint in acrylic nowadays.


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  • kellyyy
    No i really don't know about it right now but many of my friends know about it so i will ask from them then i will tell you.


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    Hi 2 manufacturers spring to mind.
    Have a look at PLASTI-KOTE I have used their spray paint, mainly on wood, but I had a look at their web site, and there are many other uses for it.
    Before I did this post I sprayed a bit of blu tack with my wood spray paint. The paint has dried ok on the blu tack, but I am not sure how long it would last if handled regularly. You would have to test it on your chosen surface.
    The tin does indicate that it is safe for childrens toys.

    The other one to try is JAPLAC. They do a range of paints, again suitable for childrens toys, but I am not sure if they do spray cans. I have used these regularly, on wood, and they are nice paints.

    I got both of mine from b&q, so they must be available elsewhere.

    Hope this helps

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  • iamashortplank
    started a topic non-toxic spray paint?

    non-toxic spray paint?

    Hi everyone

    does anyone know where I could get (or if there's such a thing as) non-toxic spray paint? It's for making clay and plastic models into a variety of different colours, and importantly the models will be being handled by preschool children (but I'll be doing the spraying!). If not, is there a decent alternative that you could recommend?

    Also, I've read about texturising sprays - are they convincing enought to fool a 3 year old that a clay blob-shape is acutally made out of (eg) suede?

    Any help would be completely amazing - thank you!