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Support thread for the frustrated crafters who are STUCK!!!

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  • Support thread for the frustrated crafters who are STUCK!!!

    I don't know if anyone else is in my position. I have always been very creative, constantly making bits and pieces and in the past I have sold some things and done fairly well.

    However for a long time now I have not been making stuff due to LIFE getting in the way!!! By this I mean starting a new business,closing old business,partner going bankrupt,relocating,new business going pear shaped and having to work full time to support us...phew!!! When we had the business I was a tattooist, so had an outlet for my creativity but for a year now I have just had a normal non-creative job and feel like I am creatively stagnant.

    Now I have discovered this forum and etsy and am desperate to get started but don't know WHERE or HOW!!!!!!!!!! I want to make EVERYTHING!!!!

    Any frustrated crafters out there please feel free to join this thread!!!

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    I want to make evrything too!!!
    It seems I have an idea but then have another leaving the previous idea in limbo then it repeats itself.

    Tho I cant say that life is getting in the way, my life is quite dull.I just cant seem to spend money in order to buy what I want to make what I want then try to sell it.
    At the moment it seems to be about sourcing what I need, finding trustworthy suppliers.
    Its doing my nut in!

    A tatooist huh!That must have been a great job, then go to a non creative job must be so soul destroying.

    Sounds silly but going from a job where I worked in a toyshop which was full of colour, to an office job in a dingey walled building where everything looks all the same, really effected me.

    What is making you stuck exactly, can you pinpoint it?
    Can you start with a list then make a start in a spare 5 minutes each day?

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      I know exactly what you mean!! I'm not stuck in the idea sense although at times I have too many and can't decide what to do. I'm stuck time wise. I love the idea of a list - still haven't got round to it Seahorse! - and setting aside 5 mins a day to do something sounds good. Although at the moment any spare time I have is spent trying to get the house sorted - I have stuff everywhere!
      I love tatoo's - had my first one just after my second daughter was born nearly 5 months ago and I've planned 2 more. I've just got to loose weight first - it's going to be my treat for when I've lost a bit more.
      I like the idea that this is a thread for us to all moan about what frustrated crafters we are - although I tend to do that in lots of other posts!!
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        I am going through a time where I just can't come up with ideas for my cards. I have just finished a new CD and had loads of ideas and creativity to put into that..suddenly I have time to make cards again after ages and I just can't seem to get inspired. Why does this happen I wonder?? Maybe I need to just get out more instead of working all the time..inspiration might flood back in then...
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          Sorry for slow response!!! Trust me to start a thread and then forget about it...I have had a couple of days off from work and have been wandering around the shops with OH and today am going to scrapyard as he managed to break my car at the weekend.

          I will have a think and try to pinpoint my problems later!!!!!


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            I love tatoo's - had my first one just after my second daughter was born nearly 5 months ago and I've planned 2 more. QUOTE]
            if that's two more daughters you've planned then you are never going to have time for any crafting!!! LOL
            Joking aside though, what tatoo do you have?
            full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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              Im worrying about Christmas hols, I have alot of days off as I havnt taken them throughout the year.So Im gona have to order a load of things so, if I get inspired, I can make thngs.What if I run out!!a potential 3 weeks of doing nothing!!


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                Like the list idea Seahorse, you could maybe make a little timetable where you could plan to spend so much time making say, cards, then a day off, then so much time making jewellery etc, etc. Keep it a little bit flexible so if you really get going with the jewellery and are brimming with ideas just keep going!!!
                At college we were always encouraged to scribble/sketch/jot all ideas down because you can always come back to them later. Also college was a really great environment to work in as you were surrounded by other creative people which helped to keep the ideas flowing. It was great being 18!!!


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                  Ahh, the days of being 18.I was at fashion college and it did help with ideas.
                  10 years later im into craft and stuck in an office, how cruel life can be.

                  Yes, I shall write a list.I have a scrapbook of ideas which is handy.
                  Im such a procrastinator.


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                    My plan this week is to make some posh soaps as experiments which I am giving as Xmas presents (with a view to looking into selling some even though its a pain with the certification etc). Have made some plain from scratch which I will be making into lemon cheesecake and mint choc chip ice cream. I am also planning on making some orange and lemon curd and sweetcorn relish (edible not soap!!!) for presents too.

                    I really really want to make some stuff to sell on etsy, I don't see the point putting one or two bits on so need to make enough stuff to put together a really impressive shop. I would like to make jewellery to sell on etsy though, not soap!!!


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                      if that's two more daughters you've planned then you are never going to have time for any crafting!!! LOL
                      Joking aside though, what tatoo do you have?[/quote]

                      Two more daughters - noooooooooo! I'm not saying no the idea of another one yet though! The tattoo I have is just above my left wrist on the inside of my arm and it's of a dragon - it's a bit difficult to explain because it's not a typical dragon. If you've seen the episode of Dr Who where Rose and the Dr travel back to save her dad and there's those flying things - my friend has told me it looks a bit like those!! I'll have to try and post a picture of it - that would probably be easier. Hubby didn't know I was having it done so it was a bit of a shock for him when he came home that weekend The in-laws also weren't impressed but hey..... My mum and dad knew I was having it done because I used their tatooist - keeping the family tradition going
                      I'll try and post a piccie later
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                        Here's me trying to post a piccie - it's not a great picture as the flash kept making my arm go white and without the flash the picture come out blurred. It's not a very classy tattoo but I love it!!

                        Ah can only do it if it is from a website - can I do it if I send it to myself as an email? It's saved onto my desktop at the mo. Hopefully picture coming soon!!
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                          I know we all have problems but....

                          it's also very nice to know that other crafters have similar ones, we aren't out there by ourselves fighting a lone battle.

                          I have had to fight with four children and a disabled husband to make 'me' time in my life, to have a little time to do something I wanted to do. At one time I was setting my alarm clock for 4am and getting up to spend an hour doing my crafts (which I found soothing) even though physically getting out of bed was hard! That hour, in complete silence saved my sanity in the long run.

                          I'm now one child short, he's away at Uni (still worry about him though) and my husband's much more mobile now after several ops and shedloads of physio.

                          If you feel that your life is just totally overwhelming, try getting up an hour earlier, and use that hour just for you - don't even feel tempted to do housework etc.

                          Use your creativity to get you through!

                          And come on here and have a rant, because writing your thoughts down for others to read will help you get them in prospective too. I know this might all sound like psychobabble, but it does work. Tried & tested.

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                            Mmm I Am In A Bit Of A Rut ..but Get Starts And Stops


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                              I too do the get up an hour early so i can have a bit of me time and catch up on my tv programmes that i never get time to see in the evenings anymore.Although sort of watching House at the moment, he just put a thermometer up someones booty!!!OoooooWWW
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