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    Good evening all,

    As you may be aware we built a dolls house for our nieces Christmas in the 1/12th scale - they were absolutely delighted with it, as per the other post.

    However dad arrived yesterday with the dolls house he built me when I was little and it's thr 1/16th scale... problem is that it is in major need of decoration, so off we went to Hobbycraft yesterday and got some wallpaper, exterior wallpapers and roofing and also some carpets but our issue lies with furniture. Everywhere that we can find furniture or dolls house figures is in the 1/12th scale which is too big for my dolls house.

    Does anyone know of any shops, either in Staffordshire or on the internet that I would be able to get furniture and figures in the 1/16th scale please?

    All help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Laura xxx

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    I just googled 1/16th scale an got this.
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      A quick google (UK only search) found these - quite a few to check out.

      Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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        Heh heh did some googling too!

        All these addresses should keep you busy for a while!
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          Excellent, thank you.

          That's the thing... nobody I know is really into building/furnishing dolls houses so I'm not sure which sites are good and which aren't so good lol... it'll definitely be trial and error


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            have you tried the dolls house imporium? My mum has a dolls house and gets her bits from there
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              Originally posted by helenvictoria View Post
              have you tried the dolls house imporium? My mum has a dolls house and gets her bits from there
              Hubby got me a catalogue when he was out today but I've not had a chance to look through it yet... but thank you, I'll definitely give them a try


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                If anyone has ambitions to make a Tudor or Elizabethan mansion I have a friend who makes dolls house sized reproduction C16th pottery - so delft ware plates and jugs, that brown and yellow slip honeyware bowls and tankards. She uses a cocktail stick to shape them on the potter's wheel. They are fabulous. Not cheap though. I would have shown you a photo but a kid found them so irrisistable they nicked the few I had left in my basket.

                Just off on a tangent but still dolls house stuff, Myriad, who do little toys used to sell a weeny collection of wooden cookware - a rolling pin, a sieve, a bucket, a pot, a whisk etc all tied together and made of plain wood, stopped selling them. If any one spots another shop selling them on their e travels I'm going to need some more in the Spring and I'd be really grateful to be told of another supplier.



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                  Oh! I've just had a lazy look at the Myriad website and their cook set is back! On the pocket money toy page. You probably want their catalogue though because you can't tell the size of their other might be for dolls houses stuff. But I know the cooks set is small.


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                    Thanks for sharing AnnieAnna - I'll definitely look into Myriad and bear your friend in mind