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  • knitting with lace

    Can anyone help, I am looking for a pattern of a Christmas tree made by knitting with green wool and somehow knitting lace into it as you go along. I thought it was called knitted lace but, when I have tried the library websites and the internet in general all I keep getting is instructions on how to knit lace.

    Does anyone know what I mean and is there anyone who knows where I can get such a pattern from????

    I believe this craft originates in Australia.

    Any help very much appreciated.
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    Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?
    They have several books here but in Australia.
    I would try your local haberdashery shop to see if you can get that type of lace in the UK but you may have to make up your own pattern.



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      I do tatting with wool, tatting is sometimes called shuttle lace, I have seen some patterns for christmas trees on the tatting sites


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        I found this one but it is Tatting. There is a link for a pattern. It may help you, not sure. xxx

        Folksy shop


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          Thanks for all the help, At least I have something to be going on with now. Think I may have to find a pattern for a knitted tree and then incorporate the knitting with lace method on the website.

          Many thanks again all.
          Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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            hi i am a new member , and i too love this new craze ,,, i got a pattern on ebay from crinnys crafts , she also does toilet roll dolls and horseshoes ,,, and also the lace ,, but i also found a seller on there with lace at 33p ( english money ) hope this helps shaz ,,,,
            if you find any other patterns drop me a line at [email protected] shaz x


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              This is a very old thread. You might like to reconsider leaving your email address in the public sector too.
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                It`s called "Knitting In Lace". Have a look at google images and see if that is what you mean.
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