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  • Help please!

    I am VERY new to crafts and I'm beginning to make a little model for Christmas. Anyway my question is, can you put pipecleaners in an oven?

    I'm making a fimo model and I was planning on using pipecleaners as hair. If pipecleaners can't be put in an oven can Fimo dry in an airing cupboard?

    All help would be appreciated.

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    If I'm honest I don't know much about fimo (I'm useless with it) so feel free to ignore me LOL

    But my 'personal' opinion would be: You can't put pipecleaners in the oven as they have a cotton type exterior which will burn or at best ways singe?

    I also don't think you can dry fimo in an airing cupboard

    You could make the holes in the head for the hair, dry the fimo and then when it's cool glue the pipe cleaners into the holes - does that make sense?

    I'm sure somebody will come along who knows what they are talking about though and then I'll wish I'd shut up

    I'd like to see the finished model by the way


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      put the pipe cleaners into the model as you make it and then remove them prior to cooking. the holes will remain and you can simply glue them into place afterwards.
      It would be a shame to potentially ruin your model to leave them in during cooking.
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        polymer clay will not fully cure if it isn't fired. if you fire it with the pipe cleaners in they will without doubt scorch and if the cotton fibres dont all burn away they will definately be a very dark colour, as the others have said take them out before firing and glue them back in after firing