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  • sewing machine instructions


    I bought a Janome 2041 sewing machine from ebay and it hasn't got any instructions.
    I was wondering if anyone had any spare or ones i might be able to copy/scan.

    I can't work out how to use the machine without them...
    I have contacted Janome but they ask £7.50 for it... (Brother is much better, as you can download everything from the website for free!)

    Thanks in advance

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    you can inquire Janome America, Inc
    their website is
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      Sorry Monica, can't help with the instructions, but can I just ask how much you ended up paying for the machine? Is it really that non-intuitive to use? I have my eye on the same machine (that or the 2039, which is one step down basically)... Just wondering if it's value for money. Thanks!


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        Helo monica,
        what i can tell you is this.Once you know how to do a basic straight stitch on your sewing machine, you can move on to more complex machine stitching techniques. If you're used to sewing by hand you will notice how much time you'll save with a sewing machine.hope this will help you.
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          Try this link

          and if that doesn't work you could try emailing this guy [email protected] who has posted on a thread that he will email you the PDF if you ask him

          Hope this helps

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            I was in a similar situation recently. My Mum aquired a sewing machine ( a friend owed her some money and instead of paying cash she was given a janome sewing machine. It was only a few weeks old) anyway it didn't have a manual with it. She went into John Lewis and they organised a manual for it free of charge. It did however take a few weeks to arrive.

            It may be worth while going into a local shop and asking them.